Brand background

100% stunning coffee!

Venerable youth – this is how a new brand with more than half a century background can be described. The product is created from the best varieties of coffee from around the world roasted by Italian masters, according to centuries-old traditions of preserving the quality of a true and unique taste...

The roasting and batch mixing technology dates back to 1950.

The brand name is translated from Italian as a challenge for recognition...

The brand bepremium also involves a challenge; this is a challenge to share the innermost at a cup of a velvety drink that brings people together for a hearty talk...

Confessa – Recognizing taste...

And more than just coffee...

Production and technology

We use only selected beans harvested at the best plantations in the world: Africa, Central and South America, India, and East Asia...

Our beans undergo a special sorting and quality assessment in accordance with the premium class requirements for identifying any defects arising at different stages of cultivation, harvesting, and processing.

Each bean is checked for any defects associated with the color, shape, and shell integrity, as well as with excessive fermentation and soil saturation. It controls the level of the drying process at the right temperature and without foreign objects...

Medium roasting allows to feel the brightness of taste and aroma and excludes any defects.
The selected beans are sorted by a gravity separator – a vibratory sorting machine that separates large beans from small, crushed, and damaged ones. After that, the sorted grains are cleaned from dust, impurities, and other litter by blowing.

The production capacity of our industrial roasters with a load of 60 kg allows to produce up to 30 tons of the quality product per month to meet the requirements of our customers. There are roasters, separators, and blending and packaging equipment at our disposal.

Each variety in the blend is roasted separately before mixing, acquiring a deep chocolate and reddish-brown color in the process, without the release of oils on the bean surface. This allows to save the subtlest taste shades inside each bean, leveling the inherent bitter taste. The used roasting mode creates the conditions for the natural dissolution of bitterness in a bouquet of finer taste shades with a bright, rich, sweet, and sour aroma...

Roasting degree – medium;
Humidity – not more than 3%;
Perfect for making espresso;
Packaging: matte, side crease, with a valve (Wico Valves);

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