CONFESSA takes pride in performing work in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, complying with not only our Company principles, established HSE systems and laid-down procedures, but also all legal and other requirements and regulations applicable to our operations globally.

At CONFESSA we are committed to the pursuit of high product and service quality while ensuring a safe and healthy workplace and limiting the impacts of our operations to the environment, which is an essential component of our business strategy. To accomplish this, we will:

  • Promote good health, prevent injuries and occupational health related incidents through identifying all occupational health, safety and environmental hazards, evaluating associated risks and implementing controls and programs to reduce those risks to the lowest practical levels.

  • Efficiently use energy and resources, minimizing agrochemical usage, discharges and waste generation and commit to protection of water and soil quality, preventing their contamination and pollution.

  • Safely and responsibly dispose wastes generated during manufacturing.

  • Provide adequate resources and leadership, integrating HSE in our business decisions and management system.

  • Continually improve working conditions, processes, control procedures, technology and products, adopting best practices and developing SMART HSE objectives and targets.

  • Monitor and measure HSE performance, promoting excellence and driving a culture of continuous development.

  • Define roles and responsibilities for personnel throughout the organization and provide necessary trainings to ensure effective implementation of this policy.

  • Provide security for our farms, mills, warehouses and manufacturing facilities for continual improvement of our HSE management, performance and culture.

  • Develop and coordinate an emergency response plan to promote safety awareness and effectively address a wide range of emergencies.

  • Ensure visible support in all phases of HSE management.



Chief Executive Officer


January 2020

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