27 May 2020

Scientists obtain data proving that coffee stimulates the cellular activity of brown fat, due to which it acts as a burner of white adipose tissue. A popular beverage really helps lose weight, they confirm.

The reputation of coffee has been improving recently: the results of various studies have shown the positive effects of its consumption. For example, it became known that coffee protects brain from degradation, helps in the treatment of migraines, and has a life-prolonging effect.

Scientists at the School of Medicine at the University of Nottingham (UK) have revealed its other advantage: according to their findings published in Scientific Reports, coffee can act as a fat burner, help lose weight, and even be used as an aid in the treatment of diabetes.

During the laboratory tests of stem cells, the researchers found that caffeine increases the activity of brown fat in cell cultures.

The scientists explain: the human body has a brown adipose tissue that can provide it with energy and heat in a very short time; this process is called thermogenesis. For thermogenesis, brown fat intensively burns sugar, fat, and calories, and therefore has effect on the weight loss.

The scientists tested the effect of coffee on brown adipose tissue in experiments on humans: they gave them a drink and analyzed the activity of fat cells using a thermal imaging technique.

The experiments confirmed: after drinking coffee, brown fat warmed up, i.e. thermogenesis began, in which its cells increased their activity and burned calories more intensively.

According to the scientists, this suggests that coffee helps lose weight.

They suggest using the effect of the drink on weight loss to combat diabetes.

“Obesity is a serious public health problem: increasingly more people suffer from diabetes because of it. The reaction of our brown adipose tissue to coffee can be the key to solving it,” the authors of the study claimed.

Source - https://www.medikforum.ru/

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