15 June 2020

At the same time, scientists recognize unfiltered coffee as the most dangerous brewing approach, as it involves letting coffee grounds sit for a prolonged period of time in hot water.

Norwegian scientists came to the conclusion that the healthiest way to make coffee was filtered coffee, made by a single spill of hot water through a layer of ground coffee on the filter.

A total of 508,747 people aged 20 to 79 were involved in a 20-year study. The scientists also accounted for such factors as smoking, weight, physical activity, pressure, and cholesterol.

According to the scientific work, moderate consumption of filtered coffee reduces the risk of death from cardiovascular disease. The lowest mortality was among people who drank one to four cups of filtered coffee per day.

“Oddly enough, drinking filtered coffee could be healthier than skipping coffee altogether. Drinking filtered coffee was associated with a 15% reduced risk of death from any cause compared to people who didn't drink coffee at all, ”the study said.

The authors of the research emphasize that their findings do not prove that coffee helps improve health but suggest that the positive effects are associated with the fact that coffee is rich in antioxidants.

Source - Inverse
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